Our History


Dedication and hard work during April of 1907 resulted in an agreement being made to buy land upon which to build a bank in Patterson, Georgia. On June 19, 1907, The Patterson Bank was chartered with officers and directors, and opened its doors for business in downtown Patterson with capital stock of $15,000.


Sixty eight years later in 1975, the bank moved into a new building on Highway 84 in Patterson Georgia where it still conducts business today. A second branch office was built eleven years later in 1986 near Waycross in Pierce County in the Bonneyman community.  This office was located here to take advantage of the growing population in Waycross and to comply with the banking regulations at that time restricting branching outside the chartering county. With branching regulations changing, in May of 1998, The Patterson Bank opened its third location expanding into Jesup, Wayne County. Finally, in the summer of 2008, the fourth location of The Patterson Bank was opened in downtown Waycross on Memorial Drive. The Bonneyman office was closed in 2009 as planned after the new office in Waycross was opened and established. 


In March of 2013 a recapitalization plan was completed bringing The Patterson Bank under new ownership.  Forty one individual investors, all from our local communities, came together and purchased over 98% of the outstanding shares of the bank. Until the initial closing of the Bank’s private offering on March 29, 2013, the Bank was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Patterson Bankshares, Inc., a Georgia corporation that is registered as a bank holding company.  As a result of the completion of the Recapitalization of the Bank as of June 30, 2013, Patterson Bankshares held less than 1% of the outstanding shares of the Bank. In conjunction with this new start, the bank’s name was changed in May of 2013 to First Southern Bank and a new Board of Directors was elected.


"Over the past decades, the asset size of the bank has changed according to the economic times. Our bank has endured wars, the great depression, and numerous military, economic, and social conflicts, as well as the economic and technological booms. Through it all, our bank continues to serve the residents of our communities by giving superb customer service and by expanding our banking services and service area. We have served our communities for generations and will continue to grow throughout Southeast Georgia in the years to come.”

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