Consumer Loans

Whether you're borrowing money for a car, boat, RV, or any other personal item it's important to consider your options. First Southern Bank offers a variety of options for financing at competitive rates.

Types of Loans Available:

  • Personal Consumer Loans
  • Personal Lines of Credit
  • New and Used Auto Loans
  • Boat, Motor, Trailer Loans
  • RV Loans
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Home Equity Loans

More information on any of these products can be obtained through our Loan Officers

Personal Lines of Credit

A First Southern Bank Personal Line of Credit will help you plan ahead for unexpected expenses, as well as protecting your checking account from potential overdrafts. Transactions that exceed the balance in your checking account balance automatically access the availability on your line of credit. Contact your local loan officer to discuss how a Personal Line of Credit can benefit you.

Construction Loans

At First Southern Bank, we want to turn your dream house into a reality. Whether you are building a new home, adding on to your existing house or remodeling, we are ready to help. Our construction loan is a convenient and effective way to manage the cost of your project. Stop by your local branch and talk with our loan officer.

Mortgage Loans

First Southern Bank has access to all mortgage loan programs. Let us help you find the program that fits your situation perfectly.  Whether it USDA, FHA, VA or conventional, our mortgage specialist will walk you through the process to purchase or refinance your real estate. Our rates and fees are competitive and our service is will exceed your expectations. Contact your local branch to schedule an appointment today.

Home Loan Toolkit

This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to help consumers understand the nature and costs of real estate settlement services, define what affordable means to them, and find their best mortgage. The toolkit features interactive worksheets and checklists, conversation starters for discussions between consumers and lenders, and research tips to help consumers seek out and find important information.

NMLS Number List

Home Equity Loans

Let First Southern Bank turn your equity into availability. Whether you are doing an addition or remodeling your house, consolidating your personal bills or purchasing that item you have always wanted, a Home Equity Line of Credit is a convenient way to fund it. As a bonus, the interest that you pay on your Home Equity Line may be deductible (contact your tax advisor). Contact your loan officer to discuss the details.

credit card

Carry a piece of your hometown bank with you wherever you go. First Southern Bank's VISA card gives you purchase opportunities at any location in the world that accepts VISA. Let us help you come up with a credit limit that meets your needs and budget. Come by your branch to pick up an application today.



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